When it comes to blogging, there are many different ways to blog, but what is the right way to write a blog for a business? Social media has become a huge part of businesses nowadays, so what makes a good business blog?

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According to Buzzfeed’s  article on successful business blogging, here are five ways to have an engaging Business Blog:

1) It is important to stay true to your company’s image, and build your blog around your overall marketing strategy.

2) Be consistent when blogging, be organized (Ex: twice a week),

3) Make sure that your blog is visible on search engines, and easily shareable on social media sites. Allowing these things allows for a connection to be made with your readers and the people following you. Also, make sure that the text is easy to read, because if it is hard to read, chances are your readers will not finish reading the post.

4) Be able to distribute and share your blog over e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media outlets. It takes some time to gain followers so you will have to be patient if the initial results aren’t as expected.

5) Try different things and see what works best and what is popular among the readers, and then keep track of those things, and if you stay consistent, successful blogging is within reach.

I have to agree with what Buzzfeed says about business blogging. If businesses aren’t being innovative and creative with their blogs, then there wont be much interest in the blogs, and not many people will be reading it. People also love consistency, so I think it is very important to be consistent when it comes to blogging.

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Not only is Chick-Fil-A successful in the business and marketing world, they also have a very appealing and engaging blog for readers. Chick-Fil-A doesn’t just blog about their product and stores, they blog about events going on in the community and what they as a company are doing out in the world and the impact they are making on the people around them. There isn’t just one blogger for the company, different people post blogs on their website, allowing for variety among articles. On top of the high quality content that is in each article, there are relevant pictures associated with each blog post, giving the readers a brief preview about what the article is about to detail. All around, Chick-Fil-A has what every business blog should have for a business blog.

Any average Joe can write a blog, but when it comes down to business blogging, the blog has to be engaging, appealing, and have quality in order to keep readers wanting more and more.