For some companies, their website is their entire business, there is no physical store location, the website is their store. So what does that mean for websites? It means that websites should be engaging, appealing, and user friendly for all to use, or else your customers will not return to your site.


The Web Design Guys have some tips for a successful website:

1) Know Yourself & Your Goals & Expectations for Your Website

2) Know Your Business

3) Know Your Customers

4) Design Your Homepage to Attract Visitors

5) Be Google Conscious (Critical)

To know yourself, it means that you should know about why you do what you do, asking yourself “Why” is your business a thing and keep that in mind when it comes to building your website. Knowing your business constitutes the goals for your business, how any people you want to visit your site, or to have a certain number of people subscribe for something  on your site. One of the more important goals is to know your customers, which means knowing exactly who you are trying to target with your product. You can’t please everyone so you have to specifically target the exact customers you are trying to reach. First impressions are everything when it comes to websites, so you have to design a homepage that will attract customers, because if you have a boring homepage, then it will scare off visitors and they may never come back to visit your site, so a lot of effort needs to go into the homepage. The most important tip is that your webpage needs to be Google friendly. Being Google friendly means that your site needs to use important keywords that Google will pick up, just because you have a website doesn’t mean when people are looking for something on a search engine doesn’t mean that it will pop up in the first page of results, keywords are necessary for making your website visible on search engines. Some of these tips rank higher than the other, but I think that all of these tips are crucial for building a website.


An example of a company that has a great website is Tesla, not only is the homepage slick and eye catching, their website is user friendly and their tabs are all easily accessible and easy to read. Everything a visitor would want to know or find is on their homepage. So if anyone looking to build a website wants an idea, Tesla’s website is a great place to start.