Now we all know how annoying it can be to see advertisements wherever we go when we are online. But companies pay for those ad slots on websites in order to get their name out there. Not only are these ads visible and fancy, but sometimes they are interactive and grab your attention. Even though we may not click on that ad, we now have that ad in our head and will be able to recall it in another browsing session when we are looking for a product related to the one they were advertising.



With the help of Simpli.Fi, we are going to examine the 3 Key Benefits of Display Advertising:

1) Captivating

We all know about the boring text ads that come up on the screen while browsing the internet, but the Online Display ads are created to grab your attention, hopefully enough to get the browser to click on your link. It is very easy for web users to easily pass over and not think twice about a text ad, but these Display Ads are much more than that, making it more beneficial for companies to use these instead of text ads.

2) Target Audience

If there is one recurring theme when it comes to marketing, which is the target audience. Companies font just advertise to anyone and everyone, each company is specifically targeting a customer that they know will use or benefit from their product. These Display Ads come up when a user is searching for related content. For example, if a reader is reading an article about something related to your product, chances are, that ad catching your attention is of a product related to what you are reading about, which is exactly what companies want.

3) Ability to Track

Another recurring theme is the ability to track your marketing campaign, which is a huge deal because it shows who you as a company are able to reach and the success rate of your campaign. With the Display Advertising, companies are able to receive updates about the number of times your ads are clicked. Having this ability allows companies to know what works and what doesn’t work in regards to the ads they are displaying online.


A great example of a company that uses Online Display Advertising is Pandora. For those of us that don’t have a premium Pandora account and have to deal with ads between every couple songs know what I am talking about.Whether we are using Pandora on our computers, laptops or phones, in between every couple songs, an online display ad comes up and speaks directly to us. These are just some ways that companies can get their product/service out to customers.