Most people love a good story, but just about everyone loves a visual story. A movie is a great example of visual storytelling. Everyone loves a great movie, so how can company’s engage customers by using visual storytelling?


The Content Marketing Institute gives us 3 Proven Ways to Nail Visual Storytelling:

1) Authenticity

When it comes to marketing and gaining customers and their trust, it usually comes down to how authentic people perceive your company to be. People want real and memorable moments, not something that they perceive to be fake or uninspiring.

2) Sensory

Whether people agree or not, everyone has emotions, so a good image used in the storytelling has the power to stimulate the consumers senses. Images can create a warm feeling, bring about nostalgia and bring back great memories.

3) Relevance

We all like to look at photos and videos that are pretty, interesting, moving, or even breathtaking. Even if your imagery hits one of those marks, that doesn’t necessarily make it relevant for your audience. Think about whether an image will speak to your end users and fit in with their values and mindset.


Old Spice does a great job with their visual storytelling. Old Spice wasn’t a well sought after product before they started their new visual storytelling campaign, but once they reinvented themselves with this new way of marketing, their products saw a major improvement in sales. I know for a fact that when they started with their new commercials, I was curious about their product and I started using Old Spice products from that moment on. Visual Storytelling is a great way to market your product and a great way for businesses to reach a wider audience.