When it comes to social media, everyone loves to read posts and the latest updates, but what catches people’s eye the most is the video that starts to play while scrolling through the feed. Written text updates are the majority of social media posts, but every now and then, a video will come up and people will watch them. But how is it that you make your video appealing to social media users to watch?


The Telegraph gives us 4 Considerations for Your Next Social Media Video:

1) Every Story Has a Beginning

The first thing to figure out is how you want your video to become the focal point of your marketing strategy. When it comes to marketing, the “Call-To-Action” is what the marketing plan is based on. The Call-To-Action is how you as a company plan to get a immediate response or action from the viewer and audience. Using this allows for your video to have a beginning for your audience to understand.

2) Get To Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is what marketing is all about, so knowing what they are in interested in is going to be beneficial when it comes to preparing your video. Researching their likes and dislikes, what the market does and how other competitors use video marketing is a great place to start.

3) Do You Have a Style?

Every business and brand has a style, so your business needs to establish how they want their style to be. If a business is able to establish a style, then it will be able to attract more customers that way.

4) One Size Doesn’t Fit All

You cant use the same video for each of your social media platforms. Each social media has its specific users so you have to be able to create a different video for each platform because not every platform should have the same video.


A great example of a company that uses video marketing well is Intel. Intel uses inspirational, uplifting stories you see on the news rather than videos created by a brand. Each video profiles a person around the world who uses Intel products to create amazing experiences and new technology. The people they highlight in these videos use technology to help people and make the world a better and more interesting place. By providing viewers with an inspirational look at how technology is changing our experiences, they were able to drum up interest in a way that a traditional, product-centric advertisement couldn’t.