As individuals, we all know how to use social media for our own personal interests and entertainment. But when it comes to using social media for your business, there are things you can and can’t do in order to maintain a professional image for your company and for the interests of your consumers. Today we are going to highlight “How to Use Facebook, Twitter & Google+ For Your Business.”


Hongkiat gives us “10 Tips & Tricks For Your Business’s Facebook Fan Page

1) Call-To-Action Graphic

2) Embedding YouTube Video

3) Hiding Content From Non-Fans

4) Products Commenting

5) Insert Share Button

6) Insert Flash Content

7) Image Rollover

8) Track With Google Analytics

9) Add “Invite your friends” box

10) Pop-up dialog

I think that having all of these options will allow for people to engage more into your Facebook page and allow them to get a much better understanding of your business and how it operates and what it stands for. Even if people are just curious about your business, they have to “like” your page in order to see your content so it brings in more traffic for your business which helps build brand awareness.


As far as Twitter goes, JB Media Group gives us 7 Twitter Tips for Businesses:

1) Choose who you follow wisely

2) Upload videos directly to twitter

3) Reply to everyone who mentions you

4) Don’t auto-post your Facebook posts to Twitter

5) Link people back to your website or blog

6) Create and use hashtags

7) Watch what is trending and get involved

What people see when it comes to your Twitter says a lot about your business, especially who you follow because that is public to everyone to see. When posting stuff to Twitter, it has to be engaging and allow people to see what your business is all about. There is no need to link your Facebook with your Twitter because those are two separate audiences, but if they are on both, no one wants to see the same post twice.


Social Media Examiner gives us 6 Google+ Features to Promote Your Business:

1) Set Up Google+ Business Listings for Visibility

2) Use Circles to Segment Connections

3) Create and Join Communities to Network

4) Start Collections to Categorize Content

5) Broadcast Hangouts to Engage With Followers

6) Share Google Photos to Tell Stories

Google+ is a  great way to connect and build relationships for your business. It is a more personal and interactive way to build your business. I find Google+ to be very beneficial for businesses to connect using Google+, it’s a great marketing technique for all businesses to use.

Overall, these three sites are a great way to get your business out in the marketing world, and all essentially for free. If there is one thing that businesses love, it is free marketing.