Now with the social media days in their prime, businesses have taken advantage of them by showing and marketing their product on some of these social media sites. But just because they are active on these sites, doesn’t mean that they are excelling at them or are even doing them right. Today, I am going to highlight how businesses can improve their presence on YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat.


Social Media Examiner helps us outline How to Boost Your YouTube Visibility:

1) Optimize Your Channel

2) Optimize Your Videos

3) Promote Your Content on Other Social Media Channels

When they talk about optimization, they mean making the best or most effective use of a situation or resource. This links back to keywords and making your product and business easy to find. So when viewers are searching for something, make those keywords key so that your video/business will pop up.


Amanda Brazel helps highlight how to Grow FAST on Instagram With These 6 Tips…:

1) Be Social

2) Reach Out and Touch Someone

3) It’s Good to Share

4) Email Your Current Client List

5) Run a Contest Through Your Networks

6) Use Hashtags

They don’t call it SOCIAL Media for no reason, so be social while using these platforms. It’s all about making things more personal for your followers and viewers. Amanda points out all of these tips because she has learned from experience and knows that it works. She has a passion for Instagram so take it from someone who knows.


Elegant Themes gives us 5 Ways To Rock At Snapchat Marketing:

1) Start with Giveaways

2) Partner with Influencers

3) Take Audience Behind-The-Scences

4) Use Q/A to Interact

5) Use the “Stories” Feature

I think that these are all great ideas in order to use Snapchat as a platform for business. Snapchat is one of the more popular social media platforms today so if a business is able to take advantage of that and make it fun and entertaining for their followers then you will see your business blossom.

Once again, Social Media is just what it sounds like, being social and all three of these platforms are a great way to help your company so I suggest you take full advantage of these free opportunities.