Now we’re shifting to the social media that focuses more on blogging. Blogging is all about updating and adding new material to a site to inform followers of past, present, or even future events. Blogging seem to be picking up steam in the social media world, with people even being paid six figures to just blog for businesses to create interest or a buzz about a product. There are many blogging sites but I am going to focus on Reddit, Pinterest & Tumblr.


The StartupBros give us 10 Steps to Reddit Marketing Success, and the Results That They Bring:

1) Keep It Relevant

2) Only Post Great Content

3) No Double Dipping

4) Have Fun

5) Address the Concerns of the Community Before They Have Them

6) Don’t Ever Let Your First (or second) Post be a Promotion

7) Don’t Over-Promote

8) Share Your New Posts With Your Friends

9) Comment and Reply to Everyone

10) Be Humble

Blogging is all about interactions and staying social with your followers and people who comment on your post. These tips are pretty simple and straight to the point, basically to enjoy posting, be relevant, don’t repeat posts, also don’r promote too soon or too often. You never want to get too caught up in the prowess of your blogging so it is important to stay humble throughout the process.


Social Media Examiner gives us 6 Tips to Grow Your Pinterest Marketing Results:

1) Optimize Your Page

2) Design Content to Support Goals

3) Be Strategic With Your Pinning Schedule

4) Design Skinny Images

5) Write Detailed Descriptions

6) Test Various Pin Times

Pinterest is one of the more interesting social media blog sites because of all the images and descriptions going along with each post. Your page has to be visible and user friendly, be mindful of when you pin and try to keep it on a pretty consistent basis as well as having a detailed description on each post. It is also a great idea to try and test out posting times and see what works best with your followers. If businesses use these tips then you can’t go wrong with pinning.


7 Ways Businesses Are Using Tumblr for Content Marketing:

1) Highlighting Fashion Photography

2) Appealing to the Target Customer Base

3) Sharing Stories Behind the Recipes

4) Getting Creative

5) Teaching About Health

6) Showcasing Products

7) Integrating Instagram

Tumblr is all about pictures and showing the content of the product/business. You have to make sure that you are targeting your desired customer base in order for a chance at success. It’s all about sharing and giving your followers a preview of what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.

There are so many great tips for marketing in social media in regards to the blogging aspect and how to improve your presence on those sites. Blogging is the new form of marketing, how will your business take advantage?