The recurring theme of my latest posts have been about businesses benefiting from the use of social media. It’s no secret that using social media has unlimited benefits for businesses so there is no reason not to hop on these social media sites in order to bring about benefits for your business. Today I am going to highlight the benefits of LinkedIn, Flickr & Periscope for businesses.


Business News Daily gives us 15 LinkedIn Marketing Hacks to Grow Your Business but I am just going to highlight the ones that are most important.

1) Find highly targeted customers and connections

3) Grow your email marketing list

4) Use Sponsored Updates

5) Post high-quality content

7) Give a face to your employees

8) Join groups — and stay active

9) …and create your own LinkedIn group, too

10) Make your Company page matter

12) Complete the Summary section on your own profile

15) Start with connections, then build relationships

I think that these are the more important of the 15. For LinkedIn especially, it is all about connections and staying connected via groups and interacting with the community. The great thing about LinkedIn is that you don’t have to know the people to connect with them and build a relationship. For your business, it’s smart to show what goes on inside of your business, so give people an inside look on your business. Just remember to keep your company profile up to date which allows people to stay up to date on your company and keeps them informed.


Cleverism tells us how to Use Flickr for Business Purposes:

1) Displaying and archiving photos and video

2) Extending reach and visibility

3) Expanding your network

Not too many people know about Flickr but it is a great way for your business to get on another social media site. Storing your photos on Flickr not only gives you the capability to share your photos on existing social networks, but you can also connect with fellow Flickr users, and share and comment on photos on the site itself. Flickr may not rival Facebook or Twitter in terms of social network reach. However, as a free service offered to Yahoo customers, it does still have a formidable number of registered users. So using Flickr is a great way to reach some users and it’s a great option for social media.


Entrepreneur gives us insight into 6 Big Reasons Small Businesses Need to Be on Periscope:

1) An unsaturated market

2) Real-time engagement

3) A showcase for the real you

4) Unlimited business opportunities

5) A whole new follower base

6) Live streaming is web 3.0 in the making

We shift our focus to the small businesses of the world and how it is beneficial to use Periscope for your business. Live video is a great way to give your business personality and insight, which is huge for small businesses which don’t get too much marketing out because they are so small compared to the big businesses. The more personality you can add to your business, the more people will be drawn to your business.

Once again, the use of social media for your business is beneficial in so many ways, so there is no reason for your business to not hop on and get active on these social media sites.